World-leading professionals on the frontlines of care and at the forefront of discovery.

This Department of Medicine is a collective of experts and innovators based in Ottawa. We are specialist physicians, resident doctors, researchers, and administrators. We all have one guiding ambition: to move medicine forward.

Working with us,
means working on:

  • Cutting-edge patient centered care that improves and saves lives

  • World-class medical education and training programs

  • Ground-breaking research programs of international calibre

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The Department
of Medicine offers:

  • An academic physician mentorship program

  • A fellowship award program

  • Partnerships with the leading medical institutions in our G-7 capital city

  • Unparalleled learning opportunities from top-ranked doctors at one of Canada’s leading teaching hospitals

  • Rewarding careers on the frontline of the Canadian healthcare network

  • Unique clinical research opportunities in partnership with our affiliates and our not-for-profit corporation

  • A peer recognition program


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I am living the life of an explorer without having to risk my life. This Department offers a truly collaborative environment that strives to improve performance on many fronts.”

Dr. Michael Schlossmacher, Neurologist
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It’s indeed an honour to be able to assist and be part of the residents training process and finally seeing their successfully completion as a specialist physician. I’m also very proud to be working with so many accomplished and successful physicians who are very humble and have always treated me with respect. They gave me the independence/flexibility to work on my own (with their guidance too) and appreciated my work.”

Li Kwong-Jedrzejczak, Administrative Assistant

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