Allan Bifield

Published on May 25, 2021

Mr. Allan Bifield is an accomplished senior finance executive with more than 30 years of global experience in finance and operations management within multi-billion dollar organizations. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Bifield has demonstrated his ability to restructure, drive growth and improve efficiency and bottom-line profit. Mr. Bifield holds CIMA/CGMA designations and worked as a Deputy CFO and EVP of Corporate Services at George Weston Ltd., where he was responsible for all areas of Corporate Finance including Financial Accounting and External Reporting, Internal Audit and Corporate Risk, Treasury, Tax, Pensions and Benefits, Insurance, and IT. Prior to his stint with George Weston Ltd., Mr. Bifield was the Authorised Legal Representative at Nortel Networks Corporation (NNC) & Nortel Networks Limited (NNL) and also served as the CFO and SVP at NNC & NNL. Mr. Bifield has also served as the CFO for Nortel Enterprise Business Networks, Nortel Carrier Data Networks, Nortel Advanced Components and Nortel Advanced Technology Laboratories.

Mr. Bifield cares about women’s opportunities in life and has been a mentor to women in business for 10 years with the Menttium Corporation. He has also been on the board of Elmwood girl’s school since 2014 and has supported the school’s vision to give the best opportunities to girls through the ‘Whole Girl – Whole World’ initiative. Mr. Bifield is also a director of ‘Youturn’ which looks to provide intensive services and support to youth, (aged 12 to 24), and their families who are in conflict with the law or at risk of becoming involved in the justice system.

Mr. Bifield envisions the Ottawa DOM-NFP to become a world leader in furthering affordable, world-class, timely healthcare for all.